In terms of business when you hear digital identity, what do you think? Maybe, a logo? Yes! You are correct but there is so much more embedded in the term digital identity, so much more that you can do for you company’s image.

Develop your company’s image

So lets consider you hired a Graphic Designer and now you have a logo, which is the first step and most important when it comes to communication. Right now you have company colors and an identity that reflects what you company is about. Good right? But many people stop there, and  that can be a problem if your goal is to reach people’s minds and win a place there.

Think of your company’s communication today(with collaborators, partners and clients), does it carry your colors? Do you have a specific font you use? Or is it just a simple image that someone that is lay on the subject created on his/her spare time? On a subconscious level people are very tuned to every visual element they encounter, when you are consistent with your presentation you start to be a part of people’s minds, so when they see your colors, your font, your way to showcase information to them they will quickly remember you and your brand and that when you have a customer for life!

So, what can you do to improve your brand awareness?

  • Hire a good Graphics Designer
  • Define your communication material
    It could be a business card, newsletter, images on social media, print material, email signature and more
  • Create a standard for all of you communication with the help of the Graphics Designer, it has to reflect your colors and show to the world how you want to perceived by those that interact with you

Here at Mobaia we have several ideas on how you can step up your communication and to help you get recognized by your audience/clients, we have a wide range of tools and services that will fit your business regardless of it’s size. Get in Touch with us, It’s free and it will change your business for good!