Websites are not a new thing, everybody knows that if they are serious about their business or idea they need a website up and running. But why? What makes a website so vital?

Be found

Having a website allows search engines to find your content which ultimately leads new visitors to your page. Your website will most likely be the first impression your clients will have of your company, your product and services and the first impression your client will have about you too!
Your website will be always online greeting new visitors, working as a virtual business card, a way for people to reach you and a way for people to buy whatever you are offering. It’s a tall order and most people fail to leave a good first impression with their websites.

Check below for a list of DOs & DON’Ts:


  • Clear goals
    What is the main purpose of your website? Sell a product? Sell an idea? Inform people? If you have clear goals you are already one step ahead.
  • Search your competition
    Any good web design company will do that research for you but if you don’t know which kind of website you like it will much harder for you to get the results you expect. Simply list any website that you like!


  • Try to save pennies & don’t overspend
    This is a dangerous one! The market of people capable of creating a website is filled with good and bad work, there are literally thousands upon thousands of people creating and delivering websites on a daily basis some really cheap (also looks cheap) and some really expensive (with nothing especial), there are also those that are in the middle of the spectrum and those are the ones you need to look for. Pay a fair price for your website (the more complex the more it should cost), don’t try to save small amounts of money on your website since it will work for you and your company for possibly years to come!
  • Try to copy the competition
    Make no mistake, you will want some of what your opponents have but you can’t ask for your web desiner to create a website that is just like what your competition has. It will create a negative effect on your company’s image and It wont help you make more sales. Tell your designer what you like, what separates you from the others and refuse any identical (or obvious) copy at all costs!

When you work us at Mobaia you are making sure that all details are taken care of. We will help you to find a design and tools that work for you and your business, something that is unique and worthy of your idea. You can check our Services or Get in Touch with us for a talk, we can definitely help you 🙂